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Hi Rene,

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Great, Thanks for addressing this issue.

I hope we can collaborate to also support mt76x8 in my PHYLINK
patches [0][1].
I am close to posting V2 of the patches but I am currently waiting on some
fiber modules to test the changes better.

I do have a "hackish" DSA driver for the integrated switch (ESW) in my
tree. If time permits, I'll work on upstreaming this one as well. And
yes, hopefully we can collaborate on your PHYLINK work too.

It is not only the switch driver but also the Mediatek ethernet driver that is
converted to PHYLINK. So we have a conflict in each others work.

Yes, I am aware of this.
I don't no what the right way is to go but I was thinking about 2 options

1. Lets say your work goes in first. I rebase my patches on your changes.
     We collaborate to create an extra PHYLINK patch ontop of my work
for your SOC.
2. My patches goes in first and you adapt your patches to that.

What do you think?

It really depends on the timing, when the patches arrive in the kernel
(net-next). If yours makes it first, I'll rebase my patch on top of
your work. Otherwise you will need to rebase yours.
I have latest changes here [0].

Also my modules did arrive so I can test my changes.


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