Thanks for the link - that's really useful. I did re-order ip rules Friday (I 
think) - no change

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Subject: Re: VRF Issue Since kernel 5

On 9/9/19 1:01 PM, Alexis Bauvin wrote:
> Could you try swapping the local and l3mdev rules?
> `ip rule del pref 0; ip rule add from all lookup local pref 1001`

yes, the rules should be re-ordered so that local rule is after l3mdev rule 
(VRF is implemented as policy routing). In general, I would reverse the order 
of those commands to ensure no breakage.

Also, 5.0 I think it was (too many kernel versions) added a new l3mdev sysctl 
(raw_l3mdev_accept). Check all 3 of them and nmake sure they are set properly 
for your use case.

These slides do not cover 5.0 changes but are still the best collection of 
notes on VRF:

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