Hello Alex.

On 29.08.19 23:57, Alexander Aring wrote:
> Hi,
> I had some free time, I wanted to know how RPL [0] works so I did a
> implementation. It's _very_ basic as it only gives you a "routable"
> (is that a word?) thing afterwards in a very constrained setup of RPL
> messages.
> Took ~1 month to implement it and I reused some great code from radvd
> [1]. I released it under the same license (BSD?). Anyway, I know there
> exists a lot of memory leaks and the parameters are just crazy as not
> practical in a real environment BUT it works.
> I changed a little bit the dependencies from radvd (because fancy new things):
> - lua for config handling
> - libev for event loop handling
> - libmnl for netlink handling
> The code is available at:
> https://github.com/linux-wpan/rpld

I finally had a first look at it and played around a little bit.

How do you want to review patches for this? Pull requests on the github
repo or patches send on the linux-wpan list?

So far just some basic stuff I stumbled over when playing with it. Build
fixes (SCOPE_ID and different lua pkgconfig namings), leak fixes to
config.c as well as a travis setup to get building on CI as well as
submitting to Coverity scan service (the later two are already tested in
practice with some dev branches I pushed to the github repo, hope you
don't mind).

Stefan Schmidt

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