From: Arthur Kiyanovski <>

In this patchset we replace our adaptive interrupt moderation
implementation with the dim library implementation.
The dim library showed great improvement in throughput, latency
and CPU usage in different scenarios on ARM CPUs.
This patchset also includes a few bug fixes to the parts of the
old implementation of adaptive interrupt moderation that were left.

Arthur Kiyanovski (11):
  net: ena: add intr_moder_rx_interval to struct ena_com_dev and use it
  net: ena: switch to dim algorithm for rx adaptive interrupt moderation
  net: ena: reimplement set/get_coalesce()
  net: ena: enable the interrupt_moderation in driver_supported_features
  net: ena: remove code duplication in
    ena_com_update_nonadaptive_moderation_interval _*()
  net: ena: remove old adaptive interrupt moderation code from
  net: ena: remove ena_restore_ethtool_params() and relevant fields
  net: ena: remove all old adaptive rx interrupt moderation code from
  net: ena: fix update of interrupt moderation register
  net: ena: fix retrieval of nonadaptive interrupt moderation intervals
  net: ena: fix incorrect update of intr_delay_resolution

 .../net/ethernet/amazon/ena/ena_admin_defs.h  |   8 +
 drivers/net/ethernet/amazon/ena/ena_com.c     | 175 ++++--------------
 drivers/net/ethernet/amazon/ena/ena_com.h     | 151 +--------------
 drivers/net/ethernet/amazon/ena/ena_ethtool.c |  89 +++------
 drivers/net/ethernet/amazon/ena/ena_netdev.c  |  86 +++++----
 drivers/net/ethernet/amazon/ena/ena_netdev.h  |   8 +-
 6 files changed, 129 insertions(+), 388 deletions(-)


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