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Subject: Re: rtlwifi/rtl8192cu AP mode broken with PS STA


Does this patch fix the problem?

The beacon seems to be updating now and STAs no longer get stuck in PS
Although sometimes (every 2-3 minutes with continuous 1s interval pings)
there is around 5s delay in updating the transmitted beacon - don't know
why, maybe the NIC hardware still has the old version in queue?

Since USB device doesn't update every beacon, dtim_count isn't updated neither.
It leads STA doesn't awake properly. Please try to fix dtim_period=1 in
hostapd.conf, which tells STA awakes every beacon interval.

The situation is the same with dtim_period=1.


are you going to submit your set_tim() patch so at least the AP mode is
usable with PS STAs or are you waiting for a solution to the delayed
beacon update issue?


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