Hi Josh,

On Fri, Dec 18, 2015 at 08:33:45AM -0800, Josh Snyder wrote:
> I was also puzzled that binding succeeded. Looking into the code paths
> involved, in inet_csk_get_port, we quickly goto have_snum. From there, we end
> up dropping into tb_found. Since !hlist_empty(&tb->owners), we end up checking
> that (tb->fastreuseport > 0 && sk->sk_reuseport && uid_eq(tb->fastuid, uid)).
> This test passes, so we goto success and bind.
> Crucially, we are checking the fastreuseport field on the inet_bind_bucket, 
> and
> not the sk_reuseport variable on the other sockets in the bucket. Since this
> bit is set based on sk_reuseport at the time the first socket binds (see
> tb_not_found), I can see no reason why sockets need to keep SO_REUSEPORT set
> beyond initial binding.
> Given this, I believe Willy's patch elegantly solves the problem at hand.

Great, thanks for your in-depth explanation.

Eric, do you think that this patch may be acceptable material for next
merge window (given that it's not a fix per-se) ? If so I'll resubmit


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