The netfilter project proudly presents libnfnetlink 0.0.33. This release
includes minor bugfixes and updates. Changelog attached.

libnfnetlink is the low-level library for netfilter related
kernel/userspace communication. It provides a generic messaging
infrastructure for in-kernel netfilter subsystems (such as
nfnetlink_log, nfnetlink_queue, nfnetlink_conntrack) and their
respective users and/or management tools in userspace.

You can download it from:


Pablo (on behalf of the Netfilter Project)

"Los honestos son inadaptados sociales" -- Les Luthiers
- nfnl_handle must be const in nfnl_rcvbufsiz
        [ Pablo Neira Ayuso ]

- Introduce nfnl_set_rcv_buffer_size to set the receive buffer size
        [ Pablo Neira Ayuso ]

- Improve receive path performance: do only one recv instead of two
        [ Pablo Neira Ayuso ]

- Fix endless loop on unknown netfilter attributes.
        [ Marcus Sundberg ]

- Fix handling of multipart netlink packets in nfnl_handle_packet
        [ Eric Leblond ]

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