I'm trying to use nftables to filter traffic from known bogon addresses
based on the list available at
http://www.team-cymru.org/Services/Bogons/fullbogons-ipv4.txt .

Loading this list initially works fine, but I also want to update it
regularly (preferably without flushing the entire nftables rule set,
which would clear all traffic counters etc.). Since there is no flush
operation for sets, I decided to delete all the members of the set, but
this doesn't work as expected.

I use the following shell code convert the input file to nftables

echo "add set ip filter bogons { type ipv4_addr; flags interval; }" >nft.rules
echo -n "add element ip filter bogons { " >>nft.rules
egrep -v '^(#|$)' fullbogons-ipv4.txt |
        while read CIDR ; do
                if [[ ${I} = 0 ]]; then
                        echo -n "${CIDR}"
                        echo -n ", ${CIDR}"
        done >>nft.rules
echo " }" >>nft.rules

Loading it initially with 'nft -f nft.rules' works fine. I then use the
following shell code to try to clear it again:

nft list set ip filter bogons |
        egrep "^[[:space:]]+elements =" |
        sed -e "s/.*{/delete element ip filter bogons {/" >nft.remove
nft -f nft.remove

When I run this for the first time, nft doesn't give any output, which
suggests that it succeeded, but only ~40% of the elements were actually
removed. When I run the removal code again, I get no output and no
further elements were removed.

I noticed that the nft exit code was 1 and with strace I found that the
netlink socket got a reply with msg_flags=MSG_TRUNC just before
exiting. By adding debug output to error paths, I traced this back to
the mnl_cb_run() call in mnl_batch_talk(). By increasing the size
of rcv_buf to 32*MNL_SOCKET_BUFFER_SIZE (less may have been enough, but
2* wasn't) I got past that error, and nft gave the following error

nft.remove:1:1-33348: Error: Could not process rule: No such file or directory

I believe it is trying to tell me that the elements, I'm trying to
remove, are not present in the set, but "nft list set ip filter bogons"
tells me that they are.

I've tried to figure out what's causing this problem, but my
understanding of the netlink code isn't sufficient to make progress, so
any help would be much appreciated.

My environment has Linux 4.7.4 plus the patch from
http://www.spinics.net/lists/netdev/msg389490.html , libmnl-1.0.4, and
current git versions of libnftnl and nftables.

Anders K. Pedersen

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