Christophe Leroy <> wrote:
> Hello Florian and Patrick,
> Le 12/04/2016 à 15:51, Florian Westphal a écrit :
> >Christophe Leroy <> wrote:
> >
> >[ nft_ct helper set support ]
> >
> >>Patrick, can you help ?
> >
> >I have a few pending patches, one of them adds an immediate
> >attr for ctlabel set support.
> >
> >Lets see if that approach is sane enough to be reused for helper
> >support.
> >
> >I will post it soon.
> >
> I had a look but as far as I understood, the ctlabel works with bits.

The immediate idea was tossed and we ended up using SREG just like mark.

> For ct helper I need to retrieve the helper's name string in the
> nft_ct_set_init() function in order to call nf_ct_helper_ext_add()
> Patrick suggested to add a new CT attribute, but I've not been able to find
> what has to be done for that exactly.

> Is there any exemple in other parts of the kernel for doing that ?
> Is it just to add a NFTA_CT_HELPER then add it in the nft_ct_policy

add NFTA_CT_HELPER to nft_ct_attributes, add to nft_ct_policy, yes.

> structure as an NLA_STRING type and then retrieve it with nla_strl_cpy() ?
> But how does it gets populated with the helper string passed in by nft ?

nft will need to populate this (or rather, libnftnl will do this on
behalf of nft).

Currently we do this:
nft --debug=netlink add rule filter i ct helper set foo
ip filter i
  [ immediate reg 1 0x006f6f66 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 ]
  [ ct set helper with reg 1 ]

So the string ('foo') turns into immediate and ct set uses the register.

I'd suggest to change netlink_gen_ct_stmt() (in nftables
src/netlink_linearize.c) to skip register allocation and pass the
expr string directly instead.

Perhaps one could add a function similar to

bool ct_stmt_uses_register(const struct stmt *stmt);

It would return false in case key is NFT_CT_HELPER so the linearization
step would not allocate a register and also skip the immediate
expression (and it keeps the ct details wrt. what needs the register
allocation out of the netlink code).

Instead, you would use nftnl_expr_set_str(nle, NFTNL_EXPR_CT_HELPER_NAME
to pass the string expression content to the kernel.

For reverse, you will need to make netlink_parse_ct_stmt not fail when
no register is present and create a immediate/string instead using
what is in the NFTNL_EXPR_CT_HELPER_NAME attribute.

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