Pablo Neira Ayuso <> wrote:
> Patch c5136b15ea36 ("netfilter: bridge: add and use br_nf_hook_thresh")
> introduced br_nf_hook_thresh().
> Replace NF_HOOK_THRESH() by br_nf_hook_thresh from
> br_nf_forward_finish(), so we have no more callers for this macro.
> As a result, state->thresh and explicit thresh parameter in the hook
> state structure is not required anymore.
> And we can get rid of fast forward code in nf_iterate() in the core path
> that is only used by br_netfilter to search for the filter hook.

Note that you will need to move more parts of nf_hook_slow() into
br_nf_hook_thresh(); the bridge netfilter does need to thresh feature
that we have in nf_iterate().

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