On Friday 2017-08-11 00:44, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>Some history for the mail archives: {} is not specified, but follows from
>prominent use of | inside [] and the desire to have some kind of grouping for
>non-optional things. I will — cautiously — claim that {} was an idea of mine
>(barring any fourth party uses in completely unrelated projects elsewhere that
>I do not know of); commit iptables.git#a8ad34cf11540d147b8aded6826a1452841d2aa7
>was the first to use '{}'.

Ohwell, notsomuch. I found some {} in
iproute2#985794ad38a55b214fae1c51058a81febef1941b dated 2004, so that is
probably where I might have got the idea from. Credit where credit is due!
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