Aeons ago, before namespaces, there was no need to ratelimit this:
all of these error messages got triggered in response to iptables
commands, which need CAP_NET_ADMIN.

Nowadays we have namespaces, so its better to ratelimit these.
This should also help fuzzing (syzkaller), as it can generate a large
volume of error messages (which are useless there).

The patches are split as follows:
- first get rid of printks that should never be triggered, as userland
  doesn't generate such malformed rules anyway.
- second, switch some printks to pr_debug.  This is mostly for messages
  where it might make sense for developers to see what exactly went

Rest of the patches swap remaining pr_foo with pr_foo_ratelimited().

Note that most patches introduce overly long lines, but splitting these
would make it necessary to split the error messages which is worse.

46 files changed, 254 insertions(+), 257 deletions(-)

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