Hi Gregory,

On Tue, Feb 06, 2018 at 03:40:20PM +0100, Gregory Vander Schueren wrote:
> Hello,
> I have the following IPv4 network:
> FTPClient <-----------------> Proxy <--------------> FTPServer.
> FTPClient connects to FTPServer in PASSIVE mode, meaning the FTPClient
> initiates the data connection towards FTPServer. Proxy performs NAT in the
> POSTROUTING chain using the iptables MASQUERADE target. On Proxy, I use the
> iptables TPROXY target to redirect the FTP data connection towards a local
> socket.
> Upon accept() on this socket, the address returned by accept() is,
> not the IP of the Client ( as I expected. Using getpeername() also
> returns For other TCP connections than FTP accept() or
> getpeername() returns
> I noticed this only occurs when using the NF_CONNTRACK_FTP and NF_NAT_FTP
> kernel modules.
> Note that I was able to retrieve the FTPClient IP on Proxy from
> /proc/net/ip_conntrack. I also made a quick patch to add a SO_ORIGINAL_SRC 
> socket option
> (similar to SO_ORIGINAL_DST) which allows to retrieve the FTPClient
> IP. Since this option does not exist yet, I am wondering if this is
> relevant to add such an option?

You can use libnetfilter_conntrack to do this these days, via ctnetlink.

> Also, this does not occur in IPv6.
> Is this behavior normal?

Probably it is related to your ruleset? You could post an example to
reproduce the issue and your kernel version.

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