Hello Pablo,

what do you think about this proposal?

S pozdravem,

David Fabian
Cluster Design, s.r.o.

Dne úterý 30. ledna 2018 12:05:48 CET, David Fabian napsal(a):
> Hello Pablo,
> Dne pátek 26. ledna 2018 14:45:49 CET, Pablo Neira Ayuso napsal(a):
> > 2) Probably even cleaner is to look at 'local' scopes like in bash.
> > 
> >  define local IP1 =
> > 
> > so the symbol is bound to this file - consider the content of a file
> > determines a given scope. This can be also useful to the nested
> > notation.
> > 
> > 3) You rework your ruleset to use the notation with nesting :-). But I
> > think 2) can be useful for both the flat and nested notation.
> > 
> > I'm not asking you to do 2), but I would like to see how a patch that
> > adds explicit scoping for the flat ruleset representation looks like.
> I know about scopes in the code but unfortunately as you said, the flat
> notation only has a single scope. Since we are talking about analogy to
> bash, bash allows me to redefine a variable in the same scope. Variables in
> nftables feel more like constants which is not necessarily bad as it can
> prevent some typos but is hard to work with in scripting as it's not that
> flexible.
> From those options you listed I would strongly prefer to have an implicit
> scope for each file included in the flat notation. That way, defining a
> variable in one file would not collide with the same variable in a sibling
> include. Variables from outer scopes would still be available in inner
> scopes. For people that would want to have their "global" definitions in a
> separate include, I would recommend creating a new keyword like global or
> export that would tie a variable to the top-level scope and thus make it
> available to everyone. I don't think that would be that hard to implement
> and I may try to if we agree on it.
> Anyway there should definitely be a way to de-register (undefine) a variable
> from a scope to prevent a misuse due to typos.
> By the way, can we restructure the FW using nesting and still be able to
> retain all per-customer rules in a single file? Wouldn't that require us to
> split prerouting, postrouting, forward and other rules to separate scopes/
> table definitions? That would be highly inconvenient.

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