On 19 February 2018 at 16:27, David Miller <da...@davemloft.net> wrote:
> From: Florian Westphal <f...@strlen.de>
> Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2018 16:15:55 +0100
>> Would you be willing to merge nftables into kernel tools directory
>> then?
> Did you miss the part where I explained that people explicitly disable
> NFTABLES in their kernel configs in most if not all large datacenters?

hey, you already shared several statements regarding nftables which
are not true.

Lots and lots of people are using distribution kernels, which contains
NF_TABLES config enabled (all major distros have it)
I believe people who build their own kernels are very few if you
compare with the number of people who don't (but yeah, they usually
have more money).
This may sounds as a joke, but there are *a lot* of people running
productions servers with bluetooth drivers enabled in the kconfig.

So, I can confirm that:
Lots of people and institutions are using nftables already.
Lots of people and institutions are considering transition to nftables
it from iptables.
Lots of people are running simple commodity hardware and know nothing
about smartnics or any kind of offloading
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