Stéphane Veyret <> wrote:
> 2018-03-12 12:25 GMT+01:00 Florian Westphal <>:
> > (Or i still fail to understand what you want to do, it does
> >  sound exactly like expectations, e.g. for ftp data channel in
> >  response to PASV command on ftp control channel).
> No, what I would like to have is more like FTP *active* connexion.

Thats what I meant :-/

(PORT command, not PASV).

> > Something like:
> >
> > chain postrouting {
> >         type filter hook postrouting priority 0;
> >         # tell kernel to install an expectation
> >         # arriving on udp ports 6970-7170
> >         # expectation will follow whatever NAT transformation
> >         # is active on master connection
> >         # expectation is removed after 5 minutes
> >         # (we could of course also allow to install an expectation
> >         # for 'foreign' addresses as well but I don't think its needed
> >         # yet
> >         ip dport 554 ct expectation set udp dport 6970-7170 timeout 5m
> > }
> It may be what I'm looking for. But I couldn't find any documentation
> about this “ct expectation” command. Or do you mean I should create a
> conntrack helper module for that?

Right, this doesn't exist yet.

I think we (you) should consider to extend net/netfilter/nft_ct.c, to
support a new NFT_CT_EXPECT attribute in nft_ct_set_eval() function.

This would then install a new expectation based on what userspace told

You can look at
and search for nf_ct_expect_alloc() to see where the ftp helper installs
the expectation.

The main difference would be that with nft_ct.c, most properties of
the new expectation would be determined by netlink attributes which were
set by the nftables ruleset.
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