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In using the Entity module within the BBF, we have made several enhancements to 
the module that we would like the IETF to consider for inclusion in the next 
draft of the module as we consider these enhancements to be of use to the wider 
YANG community.

I have included the tree definitions in this email thread. If you like the 
actual YANG files please let us know and we can provide those to the authors.

Specifically we have done the following enhancements:

1    Added a new generic reset action for a physical entity
module: bbf-entity-reset-action
augment /ent:entity-state/ent:physical-entity:
+---x reset
+---w input
+---w reset-type? identityref

2    Added a parent/child entity capability for physical entities

3    Added a couple of common attributes for the manufacturer name and model
module: bbf-entity-extension
augment /ent:entity/ent:physical-entity:
+--rw class? identityref
+--rw contained-in* -> ../../ent:physical-entity/name
+--rw parent-rel-pos? int32
+--rw mfg-name? string
+--rw model-name? string

4    Introduced a new type of identity and container for a pluggable transceiver
module: bbf-entity-pluggable-transceiver
augment /ent:entity-state/ent:physical-entity:
+--ro pluggable-transceiver-data
augment /ent:entity/ent:physical-entity:
+--rw pluggable-transceiver

5    Introduced a new reference between the interface and the port
module: bbf-interface-port-reference
augment /if:interfaces/if:interface:
+--rw port-layer-if entity-ref


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