This message closes the Last Call on the ACL draft.  

After a number of run-ups, it seems that we now have
a draft that folks are happy with.  Thank you everyone

It's understood that object groupings are desirable.
Though we're not adding object groupings now, we are
adding 'choice' statements enabling them to be added

Authors, please post an updated draft addressing the
Last Call comments received.  Please request the
commenters to confirm that their concerns have been
addressed.   Once this is done, I will do the shepherd
write-up on the draft. 


===== original message =====


This starts a two-week working group last call on

This working group last call ends on January 31st.
Please send your comments to the NETMOD mailing list.

Positive comments, e.g., "I've reviewed this document
and believe it is ready for publication", are welcome!
This is useful and important, even from authors.

Also, could the authors, explicitly CC-ed on this email,
please confirm at this time that they are unaware of
any IPR related to this draft.

Thank you,

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