We have a question w.r.t. deletion of entry in a list using mounted schema 
knowing that in NC/Y there is no such thing as a "cascading delete" (leafref 
constructions in many cases even makes it impossible to delete a resource if it 
is still referred).

How does this apply to such a schema being mounted.  Using the example from the 

     +--rw interfaces
     |  +--rw interface* [name]
     |     ...
     +--rw logical-device* [name]
        +--rw name
        |   ...
        +--rw interfaces
          +--rw interface* [name]

Is it possible in this case to delete /logical-device[name='x'] and the server 
has to remove all the data associated with the mounted schema?  Or does the 
edit-config also explicitly has to delete the data related to the mounted 

I could not find something in the draft that deals with this (or it is there, 
but then I did not understand that section very well).

Thanks in advance,

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