Dear WG,
We prepared a document to introduce a method for module revisions management.
It could be useful for indicating the details changes of different module 
and helping the user to manage all the revisions of that module and keep track 
of module. 

Please review it. Comments, suggestions are welcome!

Best Regards!

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发送时间: 2018年2月13日 14:09
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A new version of I-D, draft-wang-netmod-module-revision-management-00.txt
has been successfully submitted by Michael Wang and posted to the IETF 

Name:           draft-wang-netmod-module-revision-management
Revision:       00
Title:          A YANG Data Model for module revision management
Document date:  2018-02-12
Group:          Individual Submission
Pages:          19

   This document defines a YANG Data Model for module revision
   management.  It is intended this model be used by vendors who support
   multiple revisions of the same YANG module in their systems but
   implement one revision of a module.  In addition, this document
   introduces a new generic mechanism based on RPC, denoted as module-
   revision-change, that allow to report discrepancy information of a
   YANG module with two or multiple revisions that is defined in design
   time., e.g.,identifies a place in the node hierarchy where data node
   gets changed or new data gets inserted and indicate whether the
   change to the data node is backward compatible.


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