Buggers, I thought we caught that tree-diagrams informative/normative thing 

Regardless, Clyde, please note that I think I was wrong before from the 
shepherd write-up regarding idnits having a problem:

  == Unused Reference: 'I-D.ietf-netconf-keystore' is defined on line 1340,
     but no explicit reference was found in the text
     '[I-D.ietf-netconf-keystore] Watsen, K., "YANG Data Model for a "Keys...'

   This is a bug in idnits, whereby a reference that splits two lines is
   not found.

Looking at the XML, it seems that references are not specified correctly.


        <t>This module imports typedefs from [RFC7223], groupings from
        [I-D.ietf-netconf-keystore], and [I-D.ietf-netconf-tls-client-server], 
and it references [RFC5424],
        [RFC5425], [RFC5426], and [RFC5848] and [Std-1003.1-2008].</t>


        <t>This module imports typedefs from <xref target="RFC7223"/>, 
groupings from
        <xref target="I-D.ietf-netconf-keystore"/>, and <xref 
target="I-D.ietf-netconf-tls-client-server"/>, and it references <xref 
        <xref target="RFC5425"/>, <xref target="RFC5426"/>, and <xref 
target="RFC5848"/> and <xref target="Std-1003.1-2008"/>.</t>


And while you're at it, please update the reference to the tree-diagrams draft 
(-06 is current).  Also, missing is an RFC Editor note requesting that the I-D 
reference to be updated to reflect the assigned RFC number.

Please also address these issues when posting -21 to address Benoit's issues.  
Please post -21 ASAP as Benoit has already placed this draft on the IESG 
telechat in a couple weeks.

Kent // shepherd

On 2/14/18, 8:18 AM, "netmod on behalf of Benoit Claise" 
<netmod-boun...@ietf.org<mailto:netmod-boun...@ietf.org> on behalf of 
bcla...@cisco.com<mailto:bcla...@cisco.com>> wrote:

Dear all,

- the draft is NMDA compliant, right? It should be mentioned.
Ex: draft-ietf-netmod-rfc7223bis-03, in the abstract and intro

   The YANG model in this document conforms to the Network Management

   Datastore Architecture defined in I-D.ietf-netmod-revised-datastores.

- As mentioned in the writeup, [I-D.ietf-netmod-yang-tree-diagrams] should be 
an informative reference, not normative.

- Editorial:
This draft addresses the common leafs
This document addresses the common leafs

Please publish a new version asap.
In the mean time, I'm sending this draft to IETF LC.

Regards, Benoit

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