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You illustrate beautifully the problem I would like a solution to.

The current thinking AFAICT is that tree-diagrams
should be an Informative Reference.

Therefore, the RFC Editor will not hold publication until an RFC
is assigned.

Therefore, a note asking the I-D reference to be updated to reflect
assigned RFC number is null - the RFC can be published with the
reference as an i-d and not as an RFC which is what I expect the RFC
Editor to do.


Except I know that this draft will be stuck in MISREF state and
will in fact be assigned an RFC number by the time this draft is


Corner case:-)
Note that, for this corner case, the IESG agreed for the tree-diagrams to go through expedited processing. Even if this is an informative reference, it's nicer to get an RFC as a reference.

Regards, Benoit

You cannot know in general that drafts that appear as Informational
References and which are referenced from within a YANG module will be
published before the referencing I-D will be and so will have a RFC
number which can be inserted by the RFC Editor.

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