Juergen Schoenwaelder <j.schoenwael...@jacobs-university.de> writes:
- For the pre 09 'camp', it seems integration with YLbis is the key
  technical requirement that is driving them.

What is the key technical critical issue for the other camp?

We have RFCs in the publication queue (i.e., awaiting RFC numbers) to manage 
VPNs, VMs, etc, that are literally only blocked on this work being published 
(as written). To change this document in the proposed fashion invalidates the 
pending RFCs which would then need to be pulled from the publication queue and 
reworked along with the new proposed changes. The industry is waiting on and 
needs these RFCs to get work done. I do not think it's reasonable to ask the 
industry to now wait even longer to go back and rewrite what is already good 
enough and ready for publication and use.



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