On Tue, Mar 06, 2018 at 11:34:02AM +0000, Bogaert, Bart (Nokia - BE/Antwerp) 
> I agree but the fact is that some of the BBF models have constructions like 
> that and we were wondering whether this should not be mentioned in the 
> guildelines document.  Normally a server can't set config true leafs if there 
> is no default available in the model.  That is the reason we reached out to 
> NETMOD.  Your suggestions can work but require adaptation of the current 
> model.

I agree that mandatory leafs can be subtle and I agree that this is a
great topic for a guidelines document. Perhaps you can draft some
concrete text that could be considered to be added to section 4.17.
There is text in section 4.19.2 which addresses a similar situation
with mandatory augments and perhaps we should have a similar
discussion in a new section 4.17.1.


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