sec. 6.4.1 in RFC 7950 says in the second bullet item:

    Names without a namespace prefix belong to the same namespace as
    the identifier of the current node.

It is unclear what "current node" means:

1. Is it the context node of the XPath expression, or

2. is it the schema node corresponding to the parent statement of the must/when

For example:

module example-4-a {
  container bag {

module example-4-b {
  import example-4-a {
    prefix "ex4a";

  augment "/ex4a:bag" {
    when "/quux = 0";

What is the namespace of "quux" in the when expression? Is it "example-4-a"
(option 1 above) or "example-4-b" (option 2)?

Thanks, Lada

Ladislav Lhotka
Head, CZ.NIC Labs
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