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Thank you for a great document. Some minor comments:

3.8.  IANA Considerations Section

    In order to comply with IESG policy as set forth in, every Internet-Draft that
    is submitted to the IESG for publication MUST contain an IANA
    Considerations section.  The requirements for this section vary
    depending on what actions are required of the IANA.  If there are no
    IANA considerations applicable to the document, then the IANA
    Considerations section stating that there are no actions is removed
    by the RFC Editor before publication.

IANA's and RFC Editor opinion about empty IANA Considerations section has
changed over time (and might change again), so I would not make this statement.
I don't think this is necessarily the current policy. RFC Editor asks, but
doesn't enforce this. So I suggest changing "is removed" to "might be removed".
That makes sense.

[I-D.ietf-netmod-revised-datastores] - I am pretty sure that some uses of this
document are normative, so you should move it to Normative References.
Well spot. This is required by the terminology section 2.4

Regards, Benoit


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