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(1) This sentence in the Introduction caught my attention: "This document
defines a set of usage guidelines for Standards Track documents containing models."    The Abstract extends to say that "Applicable portions
may be used as a basis for reviews of other YANG data model documents."

I don't remember a non-Standards Track document off the top of my head [*], but
I'm sure the guidelines apply to any IETF document containing a module.  Is
that true?

I see, for example, that in 4.1 (Module Naming Conventions) it is clear how
modules published by the IETF should be named...and a note is included about
what other SDOs might do.  Are there cases where the guidelines are only
applicable to Standards Track documents, but would not apply to other IETF

This may be a nit, but I think it is good to close this door before the
justification for non-compliance starts being the Status of a document.

[*] I do remember the IESG talking about whether a document with a module for
an Experimental protocol should be in the Standards Track or not.  IMHO, what
matters is for the module to be used (i.e. correct, implementable, implemented,
etc.) and not the status of the document it is in.

(2) The second paragraph in 2.1. (Requirements Notation) is not needed: "RFC
2119 if it were describing best current practices."  This
document is now a BCP.

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