I'm working on which subjects (in the vast sea of Realcore) I'll focus on in my presentation in Amsterdam. The concept of realcore is simple: consentig adults swapping their own (digital) images in (digital) public, for free. If you want to find this kind of material, I suggest you look in two areas:

1) Usenet newsgroups: it's a weird world but worth exploring. Very often this is where stuff originates from, and sometimes it includes comments from the authors. Within the hyerarchy alt. binaries.pictures.erotica (infested with spam) I suggest you look into the .interracial, .transvestites and .wives groups, just to get an impression (many people reposts older pics and collections). Also alt.personal.bondage is sometimes quite amazing (watch out: explicit images). I should also say, as not many people ever visit certain newsgroups, that the chance to view objectionable material (from violence to child porn) is very high. One way to avoid it is to subscribe to one of the many web usenet services (such as www.pictureview.com) that remove child porn before displaying the images.

*) Public groups, such as Yahoo!, MSN and just about anywhere else they'll let people publish this stuff. For a while Yahoo has been the best source of amateur, self produced, self published sexual imagery. It's now more covert but still there.

This is what I'll speak about (in 20 min... I'll make it):

*) Overview and brief history of Realcore.

*) The Reality age, from reality shows to realcore porno, from live satellite feeds to toiletcams.

*) The impact of digital, amateur, free porno on the industry of Pornography, compared to other industries such as music, film and news - and also on ©.

*) Socially and politically controversial aspects of realcore: there are many controverial sides to realcore porno, even without child porn (which is not in the scope of my research). I'll focus in particular on the "interracial swingers" movement, which is very large and consists of white couples (single women are a rarity) that look for multiple african american partners (stressing on this exclusive preference) and multiple afroamericans, associated in groups like the The Southern California Mandingo Club http://www.socalmandingos.com/, that cater to white couples in the same racist fashion. The resulting pictures were posted for purely exhibitionistic reasons (and advertising for future parties). Note that, due to the enormous success, the mandigos website has become ultra-commercial.

One curiosity: very often realcore people communicate online (or advertise themselves) by writing on their bodies and then posting the pictures; I'll show a small collection of these photos.

Any input is of course more than welcome
Sergio Messina

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