On 2016-08-03 at 10:58:00 +0200, Vadim Kochan <vadi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> It might be useful only if to compile trafgen or netsniff-ng in environment
> (or manually w/o needs for rfraw) where is no needed libnl (embedded/switch 
> server),
> and it would be good to have ability to disable libnl dependency at all even 
> w/o
> such features like rfraw dissect/inject & nlmsg dissecting. For example
> netsniff-ng might be used just for sniffing, and trafgen - send packets to 
> wired
> network only.
> Therefor added --no-libnl option in ./confiure script which sets make option &
> CPP definition which are used to ignore libnl- related code/modules/libraries.
> v2:
>     1) Reorder commits to be "configure" related changes  1st

I just realized I was wrong by requesting this. In the current
order we might break disectability if --disable-libnl is used. Your
original order of patches was correct. Care to change it again?

Sorry about that!

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