It does not seem like it is possible to do something like:


because 1) dinc() and ddec() are limited to single octets, and 2) you can't 
nest dinc() or ddec() inside the c* helpers.

The above would be useful to allow a dynamic trafgen cfg that iterates 
through a range of source/destination ports (for example).

Is expanding dinc()/ddec() to allow values larger than an octet and 
"nesting" of other helper functions inside the c*() helpers something that 
has been discussed?

Or perhaps a plan to add dinc16() / ddec16(), dinc32()/ddec32(), etc.?

Also, the new protocol header functions are terrific, but are limited by 
their inability to prevent more complex / partial dynamic configuration 
parameters as values. For example:


Any possibility this is something that has been discussed? Such partial 
constructs would be *very* useful in generating randomized traffic for 
testing purposes.


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