Hi Baruch

On 2017-04-16 at 06:49:27 +0200, Baruch Siach <bar...@tkos.co.il> wrote:
> Use $PKG_CONFIG to determine the linker flags for libnetfilter_conntrack. This
> fixes static link failure like the following:
>   LD  flowtop
> .../usr/x86_64-buildroot-linux-musl/sysroot/usr/lib/../lib64/libnetfilter_conntrack.a(main.o):
>  In function `nfct_open_nfnl':
> main.c:(.text+0x52): undefined reference to `nfnl_subsys_open'
> main.c:(.text+0x69): undefined reference to `nfnl_subsys_close'
> main.c:(.text+0x87): undefined reference to `nfnl_subsys_open'
> main.c:(.text+0xa3): undefined reference to `nfnl_subsys_close'
> .../usr/x86_64-buildroot-linux-musl/sysroot/usr/lib/../lib64/libnetfilter_conntrack.a(main.o):
>  In function `nfct_open':
> main.c:(.text+0xc9): undefined reference to `nfnl_open'
> main.c:(.text+0xf0): undefined reference to `nfnl_close'
> ...
> Signed-off-by: Baruch Siach <bar...@tkos.co.il>

Sorry for taking so long to reply.

Patch now applied, thanks!

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