It is our pleasure to announce the release of netsniff-ng 0.6.8!

The summary of changes and the short log of all changes since v0.6.7 can
be found below and also on github at

Thanks to all contributors for this release.

Happy packet sniffing!


netsniff-ng 0.6.8 (Flutternozzle) has been released to the public.

It can be fetched via Git:

   git clone git://
   git checkout v0.6.8

Or via HTTP from one of our mirrors:

The release can be verified via Git (see README):

   git tag -v v0.6.8

Major high-level changes since the last release (v0.6.7) are:

   Fix mausezahn build with GCC 10.

Contributions since last release:

     11  Tobias Klauser
      2  uno20001
      1  Rosen Penev

Git changelog since last release:

Tobias Klauser (11):
      mausezahn: remove unused MZ_SIZE_LONG_INT
      astraceroute.8: use more sensitive terminology
      trafgen: remove write-only variable pkt
      AUTHORS: update
      mausezahn: make needlessly global variables static
      mausezahn: move variable definitions cli.h to cli.c
      mausezahn: move variable definitions from mops.h to mops.c
      mausezahn: move variable definitions from llist.h to llist.c
      mausezahn: move variable definitions from mz.h to mausezahn.c
      all: change bug report instructions in copyright message
      netsniff-ng v0.6.8

uno20001 (2):
      astraceroute: change type of variables from int to bool in struct ctx
      astraceroute: make some panic() messages more verbose

Rosen Penev (1):
      cookie: add sys/types header

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