Implemented 'dinc' and 'drnd' functions to be used for proto fields,
and generate values at runtime. Parsing of proto field values
for unified to make extending of field functions more easier w/o
copy/paste similar rules for each proto field. Instead of that
the field_expr struct is used to keep specified field and value which
might be a func in the following form:


Fields which has dynamic functions are stored in packet_dyn structure and
generated after each packet run. After fields are updated the L3/L4 headers
updates its csum if it is needed.

Changed field lookup logic to make field set/get operations a little bit faster 
using field id as index in the array, as usually fields are defined regarding
its index.


    { eth(sa=11:22:33:44:55:66, sa=dinc()), udp(sp=drnd(), dp=drnd()) }

    1) Removed cast to (struct proto_field **) in proto_field_func_setup(...)
       when add dynamic field to packet_dyn.

    2) Fixed order or parameters of dinc(min, max, step) to look like low level
       dinc function.

    3) Replace ~0 by UINT32_MAX.

    4) Calculate new random value in field_rnd_func(...) in 'for' body instead 
of increment

    5) Assign 'val' variable on declaration in field_inc_func(...).

    6) Simplify & fix value incrementing between specified interval in 

    7) Use local 'max, val, min, inc' variables instead of pointers in 

    8) Add separate commit to add new proto_upper_header(...) function.

    9) Add separate commit to use index for get lower/upper header

    10) Add new commit to simplify Jasper's UDP example with proto functions.

    1) Add new commit to introduce logic for update proto fields at runtime.

    2) Use size_t for fields_count in packet_dyn struct.

    3) Get rid of "!!" in packet_dyn_has_fields(...) function.

    4) Change "unsigned int" to uint32_t

    5) Change signature of (* field_changed) callback in proto_ops struct to 
       struct proto_field * only.

    6) Check first on is_csum_valid in ipv4_csum_update(...) function.

    7) Add missed is_csum_valid check in icmpv6_csum_update(...) function.

    8) Fixed missed 'field_expr' rule for icmpv4 field

    9) Rebased on "proto ops" changes

Vadim Kochan (15):
  trafgen: proto: Update field value at runtime
  trafgen: proto: Increment proto field at runtime
  trafgen: proto: Randomize proto field at runtime
  trafgen: ipv4: Update csum at runtime if needed
  trafgen: icmpv4: Update csum at runtime if needed
  trafgen: icmpv6: Update csum at runtime if needed
  trafgen: proto: Improve to find lower header by index
  trafgen: proto: Introduce proto_upper_header() function
  trafgen: udp: Update csum at runtime if needed
  trafgen: tcp: Update csum at runtime if it needed
  trafgen: parser: Unify proto field value parsing
  trafgen: parser: Add support of 'dinc' function for proto fields
  trafgen: parser: Add 'drnd()' function for proto fields
  trafgen: man: Add description for 'dinc' and 'drnd' field functions
  trafgen: man: Simplify example of Jasper's UDP packet by proto

 trafgen.8        |  49 ++++++-
 trafgen.c        |   9 ++
 trafgen_conf.h   |   7 +
 trafgen_l3.c     |  51 ++++++-
 trafgen_l4.c     | 107 ++++++++++----
 trafgen_parser.y | 423 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------
 trafgen_proto.c  | 150 ++++++++++++++++++--
 trafgen_proto.h  |  32 +++++
 8 files changed, 631 insertions(+), 197 deletions(-)


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