I'm having a problem when trying to send packets with trafgen to the loopback 

Packets sent this way do not reach their destination.

However, if packets are sent from an external machine, then I have no problem 
at all to receive these packets at the destination application.

I use "-o lo" option on the command line when executing trafgen.

I suspect the problem is that I'm building an incorrect packet, and the kernel 
is discarding it.

The ethernet header on my cfg file looks like the following:

#include <stddef.h>

  fill(0x00, ETH_ALEN),
  fill(0x00, ETH_ALEN),


(Both source and destination IP addresses are set to

I have tried other combinations, like removing the ethernet header completely, 
for instance.

None of them worked.

How does the ethernet header have to to look like, when you want trafgen to 
generate a valid packet to be sent thru the loopback interface?

Thanks a lot.

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