It is our pleasure to announce the release of netsniff-ng 0.6.7!

The summary of changes and the short log of all changes since v0.6.7 can
be found below and also on github at

Thanks to all contributors for this release:

  Nathaniel Ferguson, Petr Machata, uno20001, Michael R. Torres, Joachim
  Nilsson, Benoît Ganne

Happy packet sniffing!


netsniff-ng 0.6.7 (Polygon Window) has been released to the public.

It can be fetched via Git:

   git clone git://
   git checkout v0.6.7

Or via HTTP from one of our mirrors:

The release can be verified via Git (see README):

   git tag -v v0.6.7

Major high-level changes since the last release (v0.6.6) are:

   *** BLURB HERE (specific bits) ***

Contributions since last release:

      5  Tobias Klauser
      4  Nathaniel Ferguson
      2  Petr Machata
      1  uno20001
      1  Michael R. Torres
      1  Michael R Torres
      1  Joachim Nilsson
      1  Benoît Ganne

Git changelog since last release:

Tobias Klauser (5):
      AUTHORS: update
      AUTHORS: update
      AUTHORS: update
      AUTHORS: update
      netsniff-ng v0.6.7

Nathaniel Ferguson (4):
      proto_ipv4: Make netsniff detect and properly handle some malformed 
      proto_lldp: Check inet_ntop() return values
      proto_lldp: fix pointer increment in LLDP_TLV_SYSTEM_CAP case
      proto_lldp: prevent accidental out of bounds memory access

Michael R Torres (2):
      mz: Fix accidental assignment in conditional statement Corrects the 
accidental assignment of _c_ to 'c' or 'p' due to a missing equals sign. This 
enables the proper display of the missing argument error message for all 
relevant options.
      mz: Zero memory allocated for new automops element

Petr Machata (2):
      mausezahn.8: Document -r
      mausezahn: Support -R to set packet priority

Benoît Ganne (1):
      ifpps: fix iface stat parsing if uppercase

Joachim Nilsson (1):
      trafgen: reset errno before calling sscanf in str2mac

uno20001 (1):
      astraceroute: reorder function declarations

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