The NetSurf developers plan to release NetSurf 2.5 at the
Wakefield RISC OS Show this year.

The release is expected to have many bug fixes over the current
release version (NetSurf 2.1), in addition to major new
features, such as:

    + Rewritten and more capable CSS engine
    + Rewritten and more flexible cache design
    + Better memory usage

We also hope for speed improvements in parsing of HTML and CSS,
as well as faster CSS selection.

NetSurf 2.5 is likely to be the last release for RISC OS.  It is
unlikely that RISC OS development builds will function for much
longer after this, either.  Once NetSurf 2.5 has been released
we will be incorporating new developments, which are currently
being held back, into NetSurf's core web browser engine.  These
will not be compatible with the existing stagnant RISC OS front
end code.

The source code for the RISC OS front end will continue to be
available in the normal place, however it won't compile without
the necessary attention to bring it into line with NetSurf's

The NetSurf Developers


Michael Drake (tlsa)        

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