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> I have looked in the configure window and failed to spot a means of 
> setting the default a:link colour.

> Can it be done?

Prior to r13509 there was no supported way of doing this.

With r13509 or later, you can create a User CSS file, and set any CSS
rules you like in there.  The location of the CSS file depends on the
front end.

    in Choices.WWW.NetSurf create file "User", typed CSS.

For GTK & Framebuffer:
    in ~/.netsurf create file "user.css".

If you wanted to make the default link colour green, for example, then the

    a:link { color: green; }

in your User CSS file will do that.  Note that that change will not affect
any page where the page's own CSS sets the link colour.

If you want to override even sites that define their link colour
themselves (via Author CSS), then the line

    a:link { color: green !important; }

would likely be enough.

See the CSS specification for more information on how User Agent, User,
and Author level CSS interacts.

Also note that it is not really advisable to set the link colour (or text
colour) without also setting background colours.  Otherwise you could set
the link text to green and visit a site with a green background.

The suggestions for modifying !NetSurf.Resources.CSS (the User Agent CSS
file) elsewhere in this thread would work up to a point, however you'd
lose your changes when you upgrade NetSurf.  It really is for User Agent
CSS, and not for modification by users.

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