On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 05:16:09PM +0100, Dave Higton wrote:
> If anyone reading this thread can shed any light on MTU issues,
> how to diagnose them and how to fix them, it would be very
> helpful.

Something that has bitten be before is where automatic path MTU
discovery does not work (and I suspect it doesn't on RISC OS), and your
ISP does not support end-to-end 1500 byte MTUs (many do not).

The solution is to set your whole LAN's MTU to 1400 or similar, although
setting it only on the RISC OS machines may be sufficient (and not
needed on VirtualAcorn because that proxies Windows's IP stack which is
full-featured and conforming) assuming the problem is only sending large
packets, not receiving them.


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