=== 1 ===
In CSS, is it possible to specify a particular RiscOS font?
For example, Oxford.Bold.Italic -- what would the CSS syntax be? 
Presumably those dots in the Ro filepath would change -- to what?

Viewers of the page in question will be mostly RiscOS users, but the 
font declaration should degrade gracefully for people who don't have 
that font or for anybody happening to view the page on other platforms 
where the font might be called Optima or just generic sans-serif.

I know it's general good practice to stick to "standard" fonts, but 
out of curio city, I'm wondering how to specify this partic font.

   === 2 ===
In CSS, how would I define a button to look like a familiar RiscOS 
action button?  I mean like the one at the bottom of a Save dialogue, 
with a yellow moat around a grey slab.

I want to use it for "Submit" at the bottom of an HTML form.  (I am 
adapting a page where a grey panel further up is actually a menu 
though it shows only the default option -- the appearance of the 
current Submit button close by is too similar.)


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