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> On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 03:46:41PM +0000, Jim Nagel wrote:
> >   - Netsurf displays the pages served up via Webjames perfectly,
> > except that it is NOT obeying the stylesheet (which is  /2018.css )
> > even though the Webjames log records a GET success for the CSS file
> > just as it did for the logo and paper and favicon. - Yet when Netsurf
> > fetches the identical page from my ISP's server, it DOES obey the
> > CSS.

> Complete guess: is your CSS source file set to the CSS type, or plain
> text type?  I'm not sure how NetSurf reacts to CSS files served with an
> appropriate Content-Type header.

Also, are you fetching your CSS with a suffix of ?v=1 or something?
Browsers are notorious for not fetching CSS files if they think they
don't need a new one, even if it's changed. Putting a fake variable on
the end seems to force a fetch.


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