Michael Drake  wrote on 19 Feb:

> On 19/02/18 15:46, Jim Nagel wrote:

>>   - NetSurf displays the pages served up via WebJames perfectly,
>> except that it is NOT obeying the stylesheet

> I guess WebJames is not serving the CSS file with the "text/css" MIME
> type.  I think there's a mimemap file that lives somewhere in !Boot,
> which may need updated with an entry for CSS.  WebJames may ship with
> an example mimemap for this.

Ah, thanks again, Michael!  Found the required Mimemap syntax for a 
CSS entry in the "Solved problems" section of the Webjames helpfile.  
However, I then found I *already* have that entry in my Mimemap!

Then a closer look:  I found that the file   2018/css   had RiscOS 
filetype Text.  Changed filetype to CSS (&f79), relaunched Webjames -- 
and now everything is fine!

(Begs the question:  why does RiscOS actually bother having a specific 
filetype for a CSS file?  It's only text.  Doubleclicking it only 
loads it into a text editor.  Nothing else in RiscOS except the 
browser, as far as I know, has any use for a CSS file.  The HTML page 
invokes the file as "xxx.css" and explicitly declares it as a 
stylesheet.  The distant host doesn't care about RiscOS filetypes.  
What was the mechanism that made the filetype matter in this case?
   Academic, I guess, now that it's working!)

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