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>> It works here with a plain email address. See on
>> http://www.cheltglosntc.btck.co.uk/Walkinggroup where clicking my
>> email address opens an email in MPro correctly.

> Yes, that's a plain vanilla mailto: link which some people think gifts
> your address to spammers. Do you receive lots of spam?

No, not a huge amount. What I get is mostly on newsgroups, not via 
email. I think the Orpheus Internet filters are pretty good.

>> I realise that not everyone is keen on having their email addresses on
>> websites, but this is the only way it can be done on this site. I
>> wouldn't know a cgi-bin if in bit me.

> Coincidentally, I have just been adding 'munge' to
> http://timil.com/riscos and IME this conversion of a mailto link into
> entities seems enough to prevent harvesting by spammers. Or the ones that
> do are so useless it doesn't even reach me!

I don't think I can do that on the above site, but., as I said above, 
it's not a great deal of a worry for me.

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