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   Jim Nagel <> wrote:
> Tim Hill  wrote on 11 Jul:

> > Yes, I think that was Jim's desire: click on a link to a PDF on a
> > webpage and it opens in your default PDF viewer without the save-drag
> > & double-click.

> Gzackly.  The extra steps are too much for the technophobic Mrs N.  
> She can view a Jpeg link without extra steps, so why must Netsurf 
> require fifflefaffle for PDF?

> (Similar Q for MPro (and Pluto?) email with Jpeg vs PDF attachments.)

I know this is not what you want to see/hear...

When I get a PDF attached email in Pluto I have absolutely no problem
double clicking the attachment PDF and getting it opened in *my* default
PDF reader... Foxit PDF reader.

I get so many PDFs these days that will not open in RISC OS PDF readers... 
There are only so many times an app can piss me off before I give up and
get the stuff transferred automatically via Uniserver to the PC side and



Dave Triffid

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