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>>> On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 17:39:54 +0100, Peter Young wrote:
>>>> Just to report that I can again run NetSurf URLs from NeXTBar and
>>>> from MPro. Many thanks to whoever fixed this. I've been too busy to
>>>> access the bug tracker, I'm afraid.

>>> Unless I am very much mistaken, we have done literally nothing to
>>> make that be fixed.  I imagine it must have been a local hiccough on
>>> your system.

>> I think it must be, and it's now back to not launching URLs from
>> NeXTBar and MPro. However, nothing has changed in my system. It
>> remains a mystery, and I have a work-round anyway.

> AIUI when URI files are run, the URI module sends a wimp message so a
> loaded app can intercept it and do with the file as it wishes or the
> module uses the Open_URI system variables to determine what to do.

> In the case of URL files the filer does something similar. If no app has
> intercepted a wimp message saying the file has been run (perhaps because
> the application is not on the iconbar) the "run type" for that filetype
> is examined and the appropriate action taken from that.

> You can check the current settings in a command window (ctrl+f12); yours
> will likely be slightly different.

[snip lots of interesting stuff.]

> Cure with:
> 1. Trial and error. Try quitting programs and retrying.
> 2. Find out which variable(s) is/are being 'broken' and use !Locate to
> find the culprit obey file which is (un/re)setting it.

I trialled and found the error, but didn't have time to go further with it 
till today. Yesterday was a long, busy but excellent day, and in the 
evening in spite of being tired I had a strange rush of blood to the 
brain. I had a VRPC laptop connected by ShareFS, and found that URLs were 
launched through UniServer, so this seemed to be the suspect app. I've 
just been experimenting, and if UniServer is quit, NetSurf launches URLs 
as it should do, and also used to.

I now have two Obey files which I can launch from StrongMen, one to quite 
UniServer and one to run it, so I can switch between launching between 
using NetSurf and Chrome on the W10 machine.

Problem more or less solved, but I still don't understand why this should 
have suddenly happened a few weeks ago. Something I'll never know.

Many thanks, Tim, for putting me on the right road.

Best wishes,


Peter Young (zfc Hg) and family
Prestbury, Cheltenham, Glos. GL52, England

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