By: a Mediasetted citizen

Jan. 18, 2004 published on

Regime? Maybe it would be good for the Italian case if the definition of
regime gets a bit better analyzed and actualized.

Hi there,

I'm an Italian citizen living in Milan, in a building that was built by
Immobiliare EdilNord, owned by the actual Prime Minister.  I work part-time
for the Pagine Utile, owned by the Prime Minister, but possibly I do have
good opportunities to be contracted at a Blockbuster, the famous chain in
ownership by the Prime Minister.  I am since always a fan of Milan, the
soccer club of the Prime Minister.  I go to work in a car (seen for the
first time in a commercial in Panorama, a weekly magazine owned by the
Prime Minister) that I bought secondhand from an employee of the Banca
Mediolanum, a bank of whom between the biggest shareholders - we see the
Prime Minister.  The insurance for the car is also owned by the Prime
Minister and when I'm driving it happens often that I listen to some radio
stations, these as well owned by the Prime Minister. While driving I see
walls on which the propaganda for his political group is attached and often
I see also his face friendly smiling at me.  When I leave my house I first
accompany my neighbor who works at the Finbanc Inversiones, owned by the
Prime Minister, then I buy for my chef some newspapers and magazines also
owned by - the Prime Minister.  Sometimes I find traffic on my way, and to
tell my colleagues about my eventual late coming I use a cellular phone of
the Compagnia Telefonica Mobile that sees the Prime Minister under its
shareholders. My house phone is owned by Albacom, Societ=E0 per la
Telefonia fissa - from the Prime Minister.

Some afternoons I go shopping in the Supermarkets built by the Prime
Minister or part of his property, where I buy products, produced, published
or sponsored, by the Prime Minister.  In the evening I nearly always watch
the television, nowadays completely in the hands of the Prime Minister, on
which the Movies (often produced by the Prime Minister) are continuously
interrupted by Commercials realized by the Prime Ministers Agenzia
Pubblicitaria.  And thus through Satellite I try to =93get out of Italy=94
to see if something good is being transmitted there, but also then it
happens often to find oneself confronted with Television or Publicity
Networks functioning under Mediaset, owned by the Prime Minister.
Distrustful and tired I do some surfing on the Internet via the Jumpy
Provider, of NewMedia Investment, another property of the Prime Minister
and there I find lots of declarations of the Prime Minister, nearly all
against his political opponents, but also directed towards me, in which he
wants to inform me that he is making laws in my exclusive interest.  Every
now and then I go to the cinema, to the Prime Ministers Cinema5 chain, and
often I'm aware that the Movie as well as the first coming Publicity are
being produced by the Companies in ownership of the Prime Minister.
Sundays I like to stay at home, to read books, of which the Publishing
Company is in property by the Prime Minister-

Panta rei, everything proceeds--since some time however, I hear a lot of
whispering about the Conflict of Interests in relation to our Prime
Minister, and so I ask myself: why?  Is there something anomalous?  I don't
really understand!  Could somebody help me?

My sincere greetings,
an Italian Citizen

cecile landman

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