Dutch government is the one that resigned - you can find a link at 
the balkansnet.org/srebrenica.html - you should get yourself better 
informed before issuing fatwahs like this one.

"They" are the citizens of Srebrenica, "us" is the rest of the world.

14,444 people are still missing in BiH according to ICRC (which is 
Red Cross for less educated).

There are audio tapes of phone conversations between Mladic and his 
military subordinates that confirm him issuing the orders. You can 
find a link at balkansnet.org/prostor.html

Bald Eagle

On 9 Jul 2005 at 9:51, Dusan Vukotic wrote:

 <What must they think about us?------------------------------

Translate this in English. Who are "they" and who are "us"?

>Western government that resigned in shame...

What a bloody liar! Whose Government resigned? When? 

>15,000 people in Bosnia &Hercegovina still missing

People? Which one? Orthodox Serbs, Islamized Serbs, Serbs Catholics?

>...with most of Srebrenica corpses still unaccounted for...

It took 10 years to uncover 2000 corpses (many of them Orthodox Serbs
victims). Is it possible to execute and bury 8000 people without being
seen by the day and night American satellite surveillance? Albright said
they have satelite pictures of the burial ground. Where are they?
Instead to present the clear evidence, if they have any, Administration
classified" it as a military "top secret" and launched the "reburial"
story. How many men you need to uncover and rebury 8000 corpses, how
many trucks?

>...and the Serbian commander that ordered massacres...

Did Mladic ever issued such orders? Of course not. He offered the
Islamized Serbs to surrender and be protected as POW's according to
Geneva Convention. Why the Islamized Serbs rejected that offer?

 >Srebrenica's mayor, along most of its Bosniak citizens, still live
 in exile in Sarajevo.

More than 200.000 Serbs were ethnically cleansed from Sarajevo. Do
they have right to live at all? What about 400.000 Serbs that Serbs
Catholics mercilessly had driven out of their homes in Croatia? Today
Croatia is the ethnically purest country in Europe. On the other side
is Serbia that never had deprived any of its citizens, the only
multiethnic society (beside Macedonia) on the territory of former


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Date: 07/09/05 05:10:02
Subject: [TW] Srebrenica

Tribunal Watch archives since 1995

Today, 10 years after, in the promised land of Dayton Bosnia, with one
Western government that resigned in shame over a simple mistake of one
of their soldiers, with nearly 15,000 people in Bosnia & Hercegovina
still missing, with most of Srebrenica corpses still unaccounted for,
and the Serbian commander that ordered massacres in Srebrenica, Ratko
Mladic, still at large (he even received military pension until two
years ago in Serbia-Montenegro), Srebrenica's mayor, along most of its
Bosniak citizens, still live in exile in Sarajevo. What must they think
about us?

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