Hi Felix,

I disagree with what you just have said. Let me explain why. (BTW: I
am a master of media, so I am in the middle of this discussion)

The Dutch part of wikipedia is in the Dutch language only and our
entry was, of course, in English. As a researcher, i would like to
share this Dutch phenomenon with the rest of the world. That is
because I would also like to read about specific blog genres in Iran
or China. I find it interesting to share this knowledge with other
people who might research (or are interested in) blogs, because it
might be very valuable information to them. Therefore I do not want to
hide it in the Dutch section of wikipedia that is only accessible to
those who understand Dutch.

I hope the English part of wikipedia is a place where foreign people
can place entries (in english) with people and things that happen in
their own country, so we can learn about these things and perhaps
use it for our research, or just because we find them interesting.
It would be ashame if these things would stay hidden in the country/
language specific areas of wikipedia.

I'm just a believer of Vannevar Bush' idea that collective human
knowledge should be available to anyone.

Heleen van der Klink

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