The International Sputnik Day 2007

On October 4th, 1957 the Soviet Union launched the worlds' first
satellite, named Sputnik ? companion of the earth. 50 years later, on
October 4, artists all over world are going to celebrate the successful
first launch with self-organized parties and celebrations. The idea is
to have small parties, lets say, invite some friends for Sputnik-Dinner
or put a small commemoration website online or maybe you host a special
radio program honoring the Sputnik. You are warmly invited to
participate and contribute! Please get in touch with me with any ideas,
questions, hints and thoughts at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The Sputnik Manifest

1. Sputnik is a project of Modernism ? The faith in a progressive future.
2. Sputnik paths ? on the height of fordism ? the way to post-fordism.
3. Sputnik was the first truly global radio transmitter.
4. Sputnik ? Thanks to you we enjoy Internet, Global Positioning System 
and the Integrated Circuit.
5. Sputnik is the icon of globalisation.

We, the Multitudes of the World, celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the
 heroic Sputnik Launch as the Advent of Globalisation

The Sputnik Gazette

The Sputnik Gazette will be published during 2007, containing interviews 
and texts by artists and scientists regarding the Sputnik Satellite and 
consequent technologies such as GPS, Internet, Integrated Circuit.

You may subscribe to the Sputnik Gazette online at The subscriber receives an email
with a link to a PDF file and is requested to print the PDF file on A4/
Letter-format paper of minimum ten copies. The ten or more paper copies
shall be redistributed in your city/ institution. Electronic forwarding 
doesn't count as redistribution. About 10 issues of the Sputnik Gazette 
are planned to be produced in 2007.

 The first FIVE subscribers get a pencil drawing (21 x 15 cm) of the
 International Sputnik Day logo by snail mail.

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