Armin Medosch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>> Open Source Culture needs to be constantly aware of capitalisms
>> propensity to adapt, adopt, co-opt and subjugate progressive movements
>> and ideas to its own goals.

Open Source is largely funded by '1st world' governments and (large)

This is perfectly normal.

Open Source does not stand in opposition to western Capitalism, but
rather is an integral weapon of western Capitalism against what
remains of small scale meaningful relationships.

Kindly lay off the mumbo jumbo worthless key words like 'progressive
movements'. There's nothing progressive about open source and for that
matter there is nothing progressive about progressive.

As mentioned above, Open Source is another front used by western
Capitalism to infiltrate + subjugate the '3rd world' + whatever human
remains are still found in the '1st'

Open Source _users_ jump up + down with mad abandon emitting high
frequency nonsense such as collaboration. pulafashion. collaboration.

In fact the collaboration most often resembles the producer-consumer
/ prostitute-customer dialectic, with most people using the 'product'
and disappearing and others providing the product + disappearing --
NO REAL RAPPORT established. The relationship is not reciprocal nor
enduring. It is non-existent. It operates @ purely 15min intervals.

Even in situations where there is communication it is
compartmentalized and specific to 'useful' tasks - an amalgam of
workers. NO REAL RAPPORT established.

Open source is simply another keyword, another front, in the long line
of superficial western concepts whose principle results have been the
new + improved degradation of human existence.

>This is the beauty of it. It cannot be described in a
>> language of mainstream and underground. Open Source Culture is the new
>> mainstream which is what capitalist media are doing their best to hide,
>> scared by the spectre of communism as well as commonism.

You're a 1 dimensional m9ndfukd kriket - aka unconscious male.

Capitalism + communism have the same objective.

Communism is the highest form of capitalism.

\\ bodka haw bpar n mbi ee yhn4tojaem !! U RADU JE SPAS !!

>Open Source Culture is


>Open Source Culture is


>Open Source Culture

Model citizens are the ultimate Capitalist products. Without keywords
(eg. "Open Source Culture" + "war on terror") they just dont know what
2 do with themselves.

Open Source is simply non-existant next to the portly mass of
demoralized simply m9ndfukd. bored. secular. occident lfz locked in
a looting and feeding frenzy of big business excreta, whilst big
business is busily regurgitating the real world into desacralized,
meaningless bits/treats for the sea of occident larvae.

>Open Source Culture


nou throw away the ladder

\+\ climb out of the 15min world

=2E.. 2 reach



                               SSUKc_IT+C \+\

                                                        | | konsistency =3D
dze limit ov slavery

[p-un_kT-pr_o-T=96k_oL] =D8 f =D8 =D8 =D8 3       |=7F|
                 herausgegeben v=F8m !nternat!onalen
!nst!tut f:ur ordnung |+| d!sz!pl!n
       : / /

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