at present i find soc_nettage as n.c[ult.u(o)r(d)e(r)]ompassing|ga[u]g[ ]
so i'm [ae]s[thetic.s]lowly chipping away with[in] it.......the idea of a
type of flattening of several transm[eme]ission aspects of
quality/definers/hierarchy r fascinating - how the morass of
inf[c]o[ntent.(t)e]rmation can coalesce + form structures +

:current [wo|man]infestations:

1:_[e]Ven.t.rickle_ <> [wordpress] is
sequentially the latest - is image_based + info_reactive via responses 2
high_m.otional content found serendipitiously via manual rss's n.teresting that in terms of social linkage its not coded
as such [deliberately have left it minus overt rss mechanisms + is
web.2deficient - nearing
standalone.ness]....ironically it's the 1 with the most [traditional] details my visual reactions 2 sets of
n.itiallyaggregated/sub.c.quently filtered visual stimuli.

2:  ______dis[ap]posable_ <> is a type of
mediator b.tween the livejournal + wordpress.... it n.tegrates snap [shot]
tech in2 mezangelle grids constructed via a re.writing/appropriation of the
blog format itself [try using the tags;)]'s specifically d.signed 2
allow 4 clusterings of p[c]o[d]etic loadings [ie the tags + entry titles +
image titles (d)re(ssed)mixed + cross-referenced 2 create more
lateral/fragmented/associative n.terps in line with staggered soc_net
formulations]....working in the comment fields 2 n.clude a snapshot of
socially_g[w]e[]ared comments captured thru date-stamped various
readers + tag_software ad[d]s 2 that soc_net gloss[ilalia]/shared

3: ][][ <>is my
old mezangelled work_horse - it b.gan in 2003 [perhaps 2002? can't remember]
in reaction 2 a growing non-viability of list forums + their subsequent
decay in2 print_mulative communication techniques.......

4. _(c)licker_ <>:a [really]simple[sinkage]
reblog/re_m[n]e[ws]me capture site where i feed anything i find
socially-engineering worthy.


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